Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Doll Room Reveal - Derek

Next door to Candace is Derek's military /super hero room.

Derek's bed is a basic AG hospital box. I made a mattress for him in the same camo fleece that covers his bed.

I made a desk like I did for Sam, but tried making a small desk chair out of card board and the letter H. (LOL)

He has the other half of the bookshelf, as seen in Candace's room, to house his comics books and super heroes.

This blue pencil case serves as storage for his socks and shoes and small accessories.
I hope you like it. I'll post photos of his updated chair once I have finished it.

Room tour VIDEO


  1. Cool. Is the chair just for looks or can he sit in it?

  2. I love how you used an H for the chairs, it looks so cool!!!

  3. I love your chair and would really like it if you could share the how-to!

    1. OK I'll try to get a tutorial up because I need to make Sam one as well.