Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Admittedly "Obsessed"- Samantha's Button Strap Boots

First let me say Samantha had several pink/lilac items in her original collection.


I found these cute Valentine's on Pinterest (where else?). The left image looks like Samantha's new meet dress!!!

  OK I'm admittedly OBSESSED with the Frilly Frock Button Up shoes! And until I get this outfit, I'll remain fixated LOL.

This pair of Edwardian era antique leather high button strap children's boots shoes date from 1910. They are made of leather, with 5 straps and buttons for closure.

 Edwardian shoes

Maria Burke

Order placed, waiting for this to arrive!


  1. Is the croquet outfit still available?

  2. Goodness I truly dislike how much I'm starting to fall for this collection. LOL! Okay, maybe I don't. It's really starting to grow on me. I wanted Sam but I opted to get Kaya instead. As a girl, I always wanted Sam but never had the money. Who knows maybe I'll buy some of Sam's set for my lovely Kaya.

    Thanks for sharing, I adore your blog.

  3. I hated this outfit but the more you blog about it the more I want it.

    1. Hahahaha - I KNOW! I can't stop blogging about it!!! LOL - I hope you get it :-)

  4. I really appreciate seeing the images of the vintage shoes. It makes total sense now, those shoes, though I'm still not crazy about them. Also, loved the photo of the Victorian illustration, with a girl dressed in pretty much exactly the same thing as Sam's new meet outfit!

    The people at AG definitely did their research. It's just that so many changes all at once can be dizzying.

    After looking (and looking and looking) at the current AG offerings, I can't help but think that they really do need to introduce a BeForever doll of Asian descent, at some point. Seems like a glaring omission to me, now that Ivy is gone.