Thursday, September 25, 2014

18" Doll Boat Tutorial

My dolls need a boat for their upcoming lake vacation!

I have seen several boats, canoes and kayaks, but most are not water friendly. I need my dolls to get inside the water so I am making a waterproof boat.

22.25" L x 8.75 W x 3.5" D


Using this over sized box, I will slice up along the sides of the bow, cut and tape into shape.

Using a thick vinyl table cloth (or shower liner) cover the boat's exterior. This will allow it to get into the water without damage.

I sealed the tablecloth with duct tape.
I used the packaging from inside the Hoover box for seating, but you can use shipping boxes, cereal boxes, photo boxes,etc as long as they are the same width as your boat. Cover the "seats" with left over vinyl table cloth or liner, or duct tape.

The colored stripes make for an interesting design LOL. 
(I suggest getting a SOLID shower liner or vinyl table cloth)

We will know in a few days whether this thing will actually float!! Stay close!


  1. Oh how awesome! That looks so simple, yet it could still float! I know kkollect also has a video on how to make a doll canoe, though I don't know if that one floats or not.