Wednesday, August 13, 2014

*Opening* OG Retro Doo-Wop Duo, NEW Pup + MORE MINI DOLLS

My husband was in Los Angeles over the weekend and stopped in Target. He brought home this adorable OG Retro accessory pack.

 And the NEW Chocolate Shih Tzu pup!


Opening VIDEO

The pup is a lot smaller than my other dogs (thrift finds).
I love the OG Retro collection. I hope to get more and stock up before the new *RUMORED* 1950s historical doll arrives in September 2015.

See my opening video for the rest of the OG Minis - Holly, Lana and Sienna HERE.


  1. I have done research on the the rumored historical. As you know, the name "Maryellen" was trademarked by American Girl. Well, I looked up what were the most popular names in the 1950's, and found that Mary was most popular. Yet I kept scrolling down, and saw that Ellen was the 80th most popular in that time period, hence the name Maryellen. So, in my conclusion, Maryellen is most DEFINATLY going to be her name :) How did I do on my exam?

    1. I love it! Good job Nancy Drew! See? Isn't this FUN!!!??