Thursday, August 28, 2014

*In Store Report* BeForever Pre-Party Launch - AGP NY

Michelle and her daughters attended the pre-party event at AGPNY and sent in these photos to share with many readers who can not attend the BF Launch.

Let's thank Michelle and her girls for submitting these great BF Launch photos!


  1. I was at the event too and actually had a conversation with Michelle and her daughters while waiting for the doors to open, but didn't know their names at the time. Small world! I think she even took a picture of me in that life-size egg chair that I totally wish I had in my room now. The event was so much fun and they even had a raffle for a free Beforever doll of your choice. Didn't win, but the little girl who did was so excited it was awesome just to see!

  2. OH thank you so much! I saw Kaya's hair set and was wondering what it actually looked like on her. Thank you! btw I don't know if I mentioned this before but Marie grace is still available if you just search for her.

  3. Am definitely ordering the new hair set for Kaya! Love it! Also love that egg chair. I love seeing other people's photos of events - things look so much different. Thank you so much for sharing.