Thursday, August 28, 2014

*In Store Report* BeForever Launch - AGP Boston

Maria brings us a report form Boston!


Maria got a FREE doll chest with BEFOREVER goodies too!
Let's thank Maria for these photos of her visit to AGP Boston on BF Launch day!


  1. Thanks for all the photos of the launch! I wish they had added more to Kaya's collection, she only got 1 new set! I like Samantha's hairstyling set, but the rest of her collection is TOO MUCH PINK!!! Also, could you do a post about your thoughts on beforever? Just wondering.

  2. Thank you for sharing the photos.

    Don't fear TheAGCollector101, I am certain...well, I am hopeful that the girl style Kaya outfit will join her collection in the future.

    But they actually shrank Kaya's collection by combining the teepee and bedroll in one for $115 (or something like that).