Tuesday, July 15, 2014

*Opening* Kirsten's Trestle Table

 My favorite doll is Kirsten. 
Collecting for her has been challenging. I'm looking forward to when she comes out of the AG vault. I've scoured eBay for her items, many are over priced!

 Outfits like her checked dress and shawl, known as the "On the Trail dress" are near $100. (Ridiculous) I can buy a new doll for that! Especially when you look at the original AG online prices!
There are several other smaller items I need like baskets, hats, fishing gear, and school supplies.
See why I say it is so challenging?

I have been "eyeing" Kirsten's Trestle Table for a long time and most auctions start $150 with many BIN at $225. With upcoming BEFOREVER releases, coupled with buying items now to fill missing gaps in my current collections, I have to watch my spending.
I found a 2/3 set on eBay at deep discount. The catch? It has only one chair and slight discoloration on the table top. I have seen single chairs sold from time to time and my husband is going to fix the discoloration of the table. 


  I still have these wooden pieces and don't know what to do with them! I would LOVE suggestions on how to use them within Kirsten's collection.


  1. I nominated you for the Beachy blogger award. Here is the information: http://mydollblog4ever.blogspot.ca/
    ~Ellie xx

  2. You could use them as scenery for your Trestle Table! :)

  3. I forgot Kirsten had so many beautiful dresses. I am missing a few from my collection as well, but not quite as many.

    Congratulations of getting her trestle table. The panels could be made into a room divider.

  4. I recently bought Kirsten's trestle table too! The catch was one of the chairs was shorter than the other! The bottoms had been damaged by a dog and had to be shaved off! I got a good deal though 😋