Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Antique Toys

I was on a simple mission to find doll chairs for Addy. I didn't have any luck, but I did see several interesting items that brought back a lot of memories.

Here is one of the Easy Bake Ovens doll collectors love so much $25.

Chatty Cathy

The tag on this cute doll says Disney's Pollyanna, but that's incorrect. The clothing IS Pollyanna's, the doll is not. She is a 1965 Penelope Companion doll 32".

This ADORABLE doll is Giggles by Ideal. She reminds me of Patience by Wilde Imagination. 
Giggles is 18 inches tall and was produced from 1967-1969.  Her body and legs are plastic while her arms and head are vinyl. Giggles does not require batteries or winding to operate.  When you pull her arms back and forth in an exaggerated clapping motion her head moves, causing her eyes to roll back and forth.  Simultaneously she makes a giggling sound.  The giggling sound results from a vibrating weight drawing air through a reed inside a chamber covered with a rubber diaphragm.

This reminded me of our girl Molly!

Full size trunk reminded me of Addy's Trunk!

So beautiful if only it were 1/3 the size.

See the mini Items HERE.


  1. Hey! I have an Easy-Bake Oven! Only mine is red. My mom says that one's a little bit older.

  2. That chest was only $49.95? How bad "as is" was it? I can't find any under $250 around here.

  3. I wish I still had my easy bake oven. I had one in like 2007 but then it broke...
    I never did get the easy bake oven accessories I asked for.

  4. That Giggles doll really did have an adorable face!