Monday, June 2, 2014

Julie and Ivy Check-In at Camp


Julie was able to check-in at camp registration and get both the cabin key and I.D. badges.

The girls see their cabin for the first time!

Time to personalize the cabin!!


The girls love their cabin, they signed up the cabin name "The Little Darlings". Julie begins adding beads for decoration.

The girls unpack their clothes and basic necessities.


"I'm so glad lockers are provided." Said Ivy.

"We're here! We're finally here and camp has started!!"


 Isabelle and Saige sneak out quietly to set up their tent.


  1. Happy first day of camp! Looks like Julie and Ivy (and Izzy and Saige) are all set up! Love the cabin name (Kristy and Tatum would be proud!), and 2 the issues of Tiger Beat w/ my faves David and Shaun Cassidy, (I have that issue w/ Shaun on the cover). What's the other mag? I couldn't make it out.

    Happy camping!

    1. Thank you! The other magazine is People with Charlies Angels on the cover. I'll try to get a closer photo soon.

    2. Too cute! I LOVED Tiger Beat and Shaun Cassidy! I spent many Summers digging up loose change in the sofa to get enough money to buy a magazine. Then I'd ride my banana seat bike to the grocery store to pick up one up. Sigh....the good old summer days! Glad Julie and Ivy are enjoying them!