Monday, June 30, 2014

DIY - Kit's 4th of July Decorations

If you have a bike or Radio Flyer wagon, a scooter, Julie's VW or a jeep you can decorate them for a doll parade. 

Here's how Kit decorated her scooter and Julie's bike using streamer, curling ribbon and scrapbook paper. 

 "Curling ribbon is the best decoration I found! It adds layers of fullness. " Kit says.


 "Filling the basket with flowers was the easiest part," Kit says.

 "Weaving streamers through the spokes took the most time," Kit explains.

"You'll need lots of curling ribbon!"

 "The handle bars have both streamers and curling ribbon."

" Don't forget to add an American flag!!! 
This one blows in the breeze as I ride along the sidewalk!"


  1. Everything is so colorful!!! Looks like Kit is ready for the holiday.

  2. My favorite is how her bike is decorated.