Saturday, May 10, 2014

*Opening* Kit's Retired Outfits

I was so glad to get a few of Kit's retired outfits. I already had a pair of overalls that I made and am giving them to Ruthie now.


In this outfit, Kit can disguise herself as a boy. It features: Hand-me-down bib overalls and a striped shirt; A blue cap given to her by her hobo friend, Will. Orig $28.


For a special day at school, Kit chooses this outfit: A plaid jumper and white blouse with plaid trim at the collar and cuffs; Knee socks and brown oxford shoes.


Kit's gown is not retired and is currently still available.


  1. Ruthie is so beautiful. I just love her.

  2. I really wish I had ordered Kit's bed back when it had the chenille bedspread.
    Great outfits!