Friday, May 9, 2014

Be Forever - Are You Serious?

On several social media sites I've read from people who appear to be interested in AG or collectors say something like - it's funny how serious some people are taking Be Forever.

Well...personally I take it seriously because it is unprecedented for AG to overhaul an entire line at once. We know August will bring Samantha's re-introduction and the revamp of the (nameless) Historical Character line - BE FOREVER. Bitty Baby expanded last August, but not in a huge fashion as is anticipated with BE FOREVER. There could be possible "cuts" with the archiving of the NOLA girls, while Ivy and Ruthie fade away quietly. We are also waiting to see what the MyAG or the TRULY ME line will look like with new outfits and whether #61 will be added. Truth is we just don't know how drastic it could get.

This is BIG news and serious news for collectors.

Big news for a company, taking BIG risks in doing something so widespread, which will eventually affect Mattel's bottom line. These changes cost money to make too, what with new packaging, new book, new meet outfits, etc)

For collectors who have been accustomed to things a certain way for a long period of time, this is very serious because it will change how and what we buy.

As a doll collector and blogger, I take it very seriously because I have bonded with my collection and am attached to AG as a company. I also respect my readers who take it seriously and with great interest which is why I post about BE FOREVER often. It's no different than being attached to Disney and the way they do things (PERFECTLY).

For me, AG has a standard that I am accustomed to. Honestly it makes me a bit nervous anticipating the upcoming changes. (Fingers crossed) While there may be the occasional AG customer who doesn't keep up with trends and changes, there IS a vast majority of people who love AG and enjoy what it has to offer. Just ask those 4,000 girls who swarmed AG in Canada at Indigo stores!

Personally, my best guess is that I will like a handful of BE FOREVER items and dislike the majority, simply based on the leaks I have seen coupled with the fact that change can be difficult. However as the changes "grow" on me I am optimistic that with future releases, I may come to find more from the BE FOREVER collection that appeals to me.

Doll collecting for a doll collector IS SERIOUS. I would never judge another collector as being too serious about what they love, after all why collect if you're not serious???


  1. Check this out:

  2. Well said. I take it seriously to. I have got to get all the books I want, after be-forever, I probably won't buy any more AG stuff.

  3. I just saw Addys new meet dress. I am on my way to AG to get her in her current one. I think they are trying to make Addy look like Cecile.

  4. I have just recently started collecting (funny, my 7 year old niece got me hooked - she told me over the weekend I could probably buy all of Isabelle's clothes and she would help play with them). I am nervous too. I really like how they are now. I saw Kits new meet outfit and it doesn't look like something from the 1930's. I only have Kit, Ruthie, and Isabelle. I still want the other historical characters. If they make them to modern, whats the point (Kit's outfit looked modern to me).

  5. Well, said. I agree with you. Currently I dislike what I've been seeing especially with regards to quality. I used to be okay with the AG prices because their standard quality was much higher than the rest. the fabrics I am seeing currently look more like the outfits I can pick up at Walmart. that does not make me happy as a collector. Perhaps my collecting days will be over and my blog will revolve around what I have.

  6. Thoughtful post. I am very new to collecting AG and am honestly surprised by all the changes sweeping in. I will say this, though: what I am seeing of the new clothes gives me confidence that the designs will remain substantially better than what's available in down market lines. I collect primarily for the pleasure of owning AG's well designed and made clothes and dolls. Their quality will (I hope) remain head and shoulders above the rest. The little girl inside of me (who really drives the purchases), cares primarily about how adorable things are, and based on Kit's new outfits alone, she is PSYCHED! Lol.