Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 4 - Historicals Go Modern Week OOTD

Today we feature two beauties!
Caroline Abbott 1812

Outfit of the Day - Caroline
Red Tank: DollyDesirables by KKollect
SW Sweater: American Girl (2013 Saige)
Denim Leggings: My Life As... Our Generation Boots
Journey Girls Sunglasses
Sephora Shopping Bag 

Felicity Merriman 1774

Outfit of the Day - Felicity
American Girl White Tank (2013 Saige)
Handmade Floral Skirt
American Girl Purple Flats
Bakery Bag: Confection Obsession


1 comment:

  1. Caroline and Felicity look great! Just like modern girls at the mall! My friend's 8 year old daughter says Caroline is a very popular doll with the girls her age. I can see why now. Most of the photos I've seen are her in her historical outfits, but she can really transition to present day very well!