Friday, April 11, 2014

Samantha vs JLY #16 - Comparison

 I have been asked if JLY#16 (1995) looks like Mattel Samantha.
While there are similarities, there are also differences.

JLY#16 has straight dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, lined brows and little to no coloring.


Samantha has red tones in her curly hair, brown decal eyes and more coloring.


WB Pleasant Company Samantha, JLY#16 and PC Molly.

I will say that JLY#16 has the easiest hair to care for. It's very similar to Isabelle's. It never tangles, if you need a low maintenance doll for a young child, consider JLY#16.


  1. A lot of old Samantha's have straight hair and little color in their faces too, so the differences often come down to the decal eyes. Samantha also had line eyebrows, though it appears that may change with the new and improved version. You can give JLY 16 a hot water perm to give her Sam curls and style her hair like that and add a little color to her face and she'd look pretty close to a Samantha

  2. Speaking of modern to historical doll resemblances, did you realize that modern dolls #1 and #15 are close matches to Addy and Josefina? The only difference is the lack of earrings on the modern dolls. There is currently no point in looking for one of these and adding earrings in lieu of a "real" Addy or Josefina since the modern dolls are both retired and neither of the Historicals are yet. However, it has been confirmed that Addy will retire this year (sniff) and then there may be more reason to do so.