Monday, April 21, 2014

My AG Doll's Mini Doll Collection

My full size AG dolls have their own mini doll collection.


  1. Right on! You guys have some groovy dolls. I have some dolls too! I have my doll JuJu (AG Mini Julie), who sleeps in my bed with me. I also have 2 foreign dolls from Scotland and Sweden, a Malibu Barbie, Gold Medal Barbie, Bead Fun Christie, a Ken doll, a Barbie styling head, a Holly Hobbie doll, and yesterday for Easter I got a Blythe doll! I just love her commercial, "Open your eyes to the world of Blythe, the wide-eyed world of Blythe".

  2. Love this. We have quite a few mini dolls in our collection. Some AG, some other.