Friday, April 18, 2014

Julie & Ivy - Doll Diaries 2014 Camp

Julie and Ivy are going to Doll Diaries Camp
 June 2 - August 29. 



"Hey, I just got this year's Camp packet in the mail!" 

"Let me see!!!!"


"It has Isabelle on the card."


"Do you know which doll you're taking?"


"Yes! I think I want to take mini Saige!!!"

 "What about you? Do you know who you're bringing?"

"I guess I'll take mini Isabelle. That way we can have both GOTY."


"The packet included iron-ons for our shirts."


"Is that YOUR shirt??" 


"I guess, it's one of ours why??"


"I don't want red......"


  1. Cool! I'm bringing Isabelle and Kailey. :)

  2. I have a friend who is looking to get his sister Ivy. How soon do you think he should buy it?
    Her birthday is August which seems like its gonna be a month of changes at AG.
    I think he is going to the store tomorrow to get her nutmeg for Easter.

    1. I think if he orders Ivy end of July he should have no problems. I don't have a crystal ball, but ordering is better than going in store because stock can be low there. Wow what a lucky sister - she is going to be thrilled!!!

  3. So cute! I love Julie and Ivy together! I need to break down and get an Ivy for my Julie before she disappears!

    1. Oh please add Ivy to your collection! She is ADORABLE and I don't know how I lived without her for so long.

    2. You know, I am kind of on the fence about picking up Ivy too when I go to buy Rebecca at the Boston store on Monday. She was just not displayed much in the store the last time I went and it was making me nervous that she may be gone from the store sooner than I think. I will definitely be checking her stock level when I go on Monday. I will keep you posted. ~ Maria

  4. Gosh I have been on the fence about Ivy. But every time I see her out of her meet outfit I love her. I chose MG last week over Ivy. It seems most of my dolls are from the 1800's but then I have Julie. Lol. My 12 year anniversary is in August 11. Maybe hubby can pick her up for me then. I hope she is still around in the summer.

  5. LOL! I just re-read it. Ivy doesn't want RED! HAHAHAHA! Ok….so how do you go to Camp Doll Diaries?

  6. It's a virtual camp with weekly activities. Simply sign up for emails or check on Doll Diaries weekly for updates. We did it last year on Snickerdoodle Street. The mini doll version. You can find out camp posts :