Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring / Summer AG Shopping List

Hi there! I hope I'm not alone when I say I'm a little overwhelmed (suddenly) about obtaining key items for my collection. Samantha's re-introduction is (for me) kind of a BIG DEAL and I'm very excited. 

I do not have the NOLA collection, I sold both dolls sadly because I didn't "bond" with either of them.  For me there is no need to stress over possible archiving of the NOLA girls, though I know a lot of you are still scrambling to obtain what's left of theirs.

Lately as I have been expanding Julie's collection and added Ivy, I feel the need to buy a few key pieces before the BE FOREVER revamp. We don't know what all of it means, what will or will not be affected, and how long we have until items suddenly "disappear". (Like Kit's cook stove that I wanted so badly). Because no one knows what all will be available to us within Samantha's new collection and whether any other historical items for other dolls will be added (probably)...I'm BROKE just thinking about it! LOL.

I have had to re-prioritize! I'm sure some of you have adjusted your wish lists as well. I continue to squirrel away nickles and dimes for my "Samantha Fund" for lack of a better term. 

Currently there are missing pieces from both my Kit and Julie collections  (*Brace yourself - there's A LOT!)


  • Kit's nightgown
  • Kit's accessories
  • Grace
  • Summer outfit
And because I only recently began collecting for Julie, her list is A LOT LONGER!

$350 without shipping

 I hope to get, in no particular order, these items this Spring/Summer.

Julie ($135)
  • Casual Outfit $32
  • Floral Jumpsuit $28
  • Cap and scarf $16
  • Skates $20
  • Sound Accessories $38
For sure (I have already told my husband LOL) I am putting the $350 VW on the tippy top of my list! I refuse to live without it!

 Even if I have to set up a kissing booth for Bosley: $5 for kiss and photo!
Well there you have it - my personal shopping plans before Samantha's fall re-introduction. 
If anyone reading this HAS JULIE'S VW would you please leave a comment listing Pros and Cons? Thank you!


  1. I would definitely recommending getting both girls' Meet Accessories this summer as there are some rumors that all of the Historical dolls may be getting new Meet Outfits. Also, I don't have Kit's scooter even though I have most of the rest of her collection. Mainly just because I don't like it. I may pick it up one day because I would like to have her complete collection but if I do I'll likely turn to ebay since I've read reviews that the handles are no longer rope. Plus there are a lot on ebay offered in the original box for cheaper than direct through AG. Good luck collecting all the items that you want. I'll cross my fingers for you that non of them disappear before you get to them!

  2. I know right! I wanted Kaya, and if NOLA does archive then I will want Marie grace, as well as Rebecca, and some MAG dolls. I developed a wish list of MAG outfits and accessories... and it's overwhelming. Did you hear that AG is having a big sale? Go check it out if you haven't already.
    I don't have Julie's bmw, but I can tell you that the doors don't open, the canopy doesn't move, and I think that it's not as good as it could be.
    Hey, your kit whishlist isn't to bad, it could be worse.
    On my whishlist: Kaya (I want her for my b-day), Marie grace, then Rebecca. I also want to start getting more furniture, as I only have 3 pieces of furniture from AG. Another thing I want to start is getting the Molly & Emily Items that I couldn't get when they were available, as well as completing Lindsey's collection. (I need her tights and notebook pen.) Plus, don't forget about all the rumors. I also like to collect monster high and ever after high dolls, and that is just more $$ I hope you get all of your items you want!

  3. Oh my goodness, I have quite a long wish list. Hope you don't mind if I share:
    I will probably get one or both of the NOLA girls this summer, and whatever stuff they have left-within limits, of course, I'm not going to get the bed. I'm starting to set aside some money (in my own "Samantha Fund") for some new Samantha things that will without a doubt be released, since I have two of her (although I don't know how well the outfits will fit my rather chubby PC Samantha...). I'm missing Rebecca's movie dress, lace dress, and hairstyling kit, as well as the costume chest and school play set. I don't plan to get either of those two anytime soon-too expensive! Alas, my Kirsten and Molly are rather sad they don't get anything new. I keep my eye out when I'm at thrift stores, just in case!
    I also don't have any desire for Isabelle. She looks too much like some of the other GOTYs, and I don't really like her. My historicals and I are happy just the way we are. :)
    I also love the MYAG Flower Sweater and Skirt set, for some reason-I might have to pick that up on my next AGP trip.
    But mostly, things for my historical girls!

    Wow, I talk a lot. :)

  4. I don't have Julie's car, but while at AGH last year I set one of my dolls in the car and seem to remember that it was a snug fit.

  5. *From Julie's doll mom, Sharry*:

    Maybe it's time to hit Craigslist! That's where I got my AG Julie doll (now Sunny), plus her meet outfit, calico outfit, and casual outfit. There are also "counterfeit" versions of Julie's PJs and Christmas dress online (Ebay or dollclothesstoredotcom). Queen's Treasures also has a "counterfeit" version of Julie's jumpsuit. And of course you can really find great stuff on Etsy, (better than AG's in my opinion). If you want, I can give you the names of some sellers that are great w/ 70s stuff!

  6. My list is going to focus on Ruthie. I am still kicking myself for not buying Ruthie's accessories when they were half off at Christmastime, but I'm hoping, like Ivy's romper, that they will do it again. We inherited Ruthie from my husband's cousin and she is a bit part of our collection. She came in her meet outfit and one barret and watch. So I'd like to round out the accessories . I know the cousin has her Christmas dress,..but it didn't make it to us, so I'd like to get that. And if the pJs go on sale, I'd get a matching set for Tori and Ruthie. I'm even contemplating getting a replacement headband for Ruthie. She didn't come with her headband and it seems silly to get, but I just have the feeling I want all her parts.

  7. Hi Rhomda!

    I don't own the Car, but I've seen it many times in real life.

    Pros. Cons
    Plastic looks easy to snap or break

    Two seas
    Opens in a lot of spots
    Nice colour
    Comes with a TON
    of accsessories

  8. Very interesting wish list. Get that kissing booth ready - who wouldn't want a puppy kiss from that sweet face. :)

    I collect as the mood hits me. I do need to get Kaya's deerskin dress and would like a second lacrosse uniform (still online). Other than that....who knows.

    Good luck acquiring your wishes.

  9. As someone who grew up in the 70's, I find Julie's collection GROOVY. And she has quickly become one of my favorite dolls (I have a dozen). Exceptionally cute, that one. The only thing I really don't like about her collection is that bed. Yikes. :)