Saturday, March 22, 2014

*In Store Report* AGP DC NOLA Collection Shrinking

Madelon visited the NOLA display at AGP Washington, DC (aka Tyson’s Corner). She said the desk and vanity are both gone (sold out), only Marie Grace's bed remains. I checked and currently both the vanity and desk are still available on line.

In the following photos this is all of what remains of the NOLA collection at the DC store.

Next to NOLA display case.

One display case.

Note the Parrot and Argos are still available.

Madelon also added a photo of one of Caroline's beautiful displays. She remains a favorite and a big seller at AG.


  1. Do you think Argos will ever go on sale?

    1. Personally no I don't think sol, we just saw the pets on sale and Argos wasn't included.

  2. Interesting. Did she note if the Ruthie boxes still did not have her name? I may ask my friend to check that if she makes it there. Or if I make it there any time soon, I may check myself.

  3. Replies
    1. NOLA means New Orleans, Louisiana.

    2. Sorry to see that these girls and their collection didn't go over better. I just got M.G. and a few outfits, plus the vanity and desk/chair (both on sale on the website). Man, that desk/chair is HUGE! So well made, too. It will be sad to see the collection go into the archives when it eventually does, but here's hoping they are planning something equally lovely for a replacement.

  4. I picked up Ruthie last Saturday at the AGP Washington,DC store. My box has Ruthie on it.Didn't think about name on box's at that time.

  5. I had high hopes for the NOLA girls ---- never got around to buying them though !!!!! Love MG's face mold--- wonder if they will use it again ( hated her hair) !!!

  6. Bought Cecile NIB off Craigslist for $70. Just bought the parlor desk, vanity, paper dolls, parrot and games and Ceciles accessories with the sale. My daughter lives MG but waiting it out for an announcement if there is one.
    Love Caroline. I might get her bed fir Cecile since Caroline stole Julies bed at my house.