Monday, March 10, 2014

*Opening* New Doll Ivy

I know, I know...we have been worried that Ivy may quietly disappear with the BE FOREVER rumors circling. This is why I decided to get her NOW!

So thrilled!


  1. Rhonda congrats on getting Ivy , i absolutely adore her to . I have a question for you , does your Ivy have some kind of a shadow on the inside and outside of her eye sockets ? almost like they put make up on her ? Thanks in advance

    1. No my Ivy's eyes are fine. They may look "shadowed" due to carving. Enjoy Ivy she's a beauty!

    2. Thanks for letting me know , I was cnsidering exchanging her but i adore her so much i dont think I could . it is funny because I have been collecting since 2005 but I never thought I wanted Ivy until all the rumors started and now I just couldnt imagine not having her lol . By the way her new years outfit is a must for her if You can get your hands on it You definetly should ! Thanks again for the fast reply .

  2. Ivy is the cutest! We have twin Ivys here at home. She's super-fun to modernize. Spoiler Alert: If I remember correctly, Ivy's purse is featured in Julie's stories. It's from Glad Rags, Julie's Mom's shop. I love those little story-to-doll details :^)

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