Friday, March 28, 2014

My Big FAT Project - Doll Room REVEAL Part One

I set all of Julie's stuff on the floor to see if there would be room and it took up the entire 9 foot wall! That left only half of the adjoining 5 foot wall, which is not enough room for much of anything.

I have decided to continue using my secret doll house for dolls with smaller collections - Caroline, Felicity and Kirsten while temporarily storing and the Bitty Twins on the lower area. 



The new doll room layout will be -
Left side 9 ft wall:
Attic: Kit and Ruthie
Second Floor: Molly and Emily
Ground: Julie and Ivy

Saige's Casa has her bed inside and stores her accessories and UFO alien. 

Part Two coming soon!!


  1. Wow all the furniture You made is very impressive !

  2. Excellent! Love to see your doll rooms!

  3. You are so creative!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  4. I want to see the alien! I'll bet he's cute!

    1. You can see the alien on Saige's vacation

  5. I love Ur dollhouse! I saw the post about the alien and there is a mini version of the UFO alien sooo cute ! And can you do a tour of saiges casa? Inside the casa I meant. :)