Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Doll Furniture - Springfield

A quick flashback to Springfield doll furniture!  

This rope bed is similar to Addy's, only $19.99 back in 1998. 

 I love these and wish they were still available. Historical furniture for 18" dolls. Similar to Samantha's desk, Felicity's table and armoire - gorgeous!!
Springfield Doll Furniture is available online or at Michael's. They have affordable items that are so cute for both modern and historical dolls!

Springfield has a nice wood doll armoire $54.99. 

Springfield's doll trunk is $34.99 (I own one)

And these are just as practical as the AG Doll Storage Cabinet, but AG's $349.99

And don't forget to look for thrifty jewelry box storage pieces for doll dressers to hold hair items, socks, or separates like t-shirts and shorts.


  1. I clicked on the link there were only four pieces of furniture...all of them pink. As of right now, I have one wooden doll bed that looks a bit like Addy's and a bit like Josefina's, and they have to share. Where can you find the Springfield rope bed? ~15 dollars is better than the $75ish of Addy's new bed, but when I search EBay, I can't find it for less than $30. Where else can you find it?
    Please advise,

    1. Rosie,
      Ebay is the best place to find Springfield Collection furniture. Check these two listing ASAP: http://www.ebay.com/itm/springfield-collection-rope-bed-/281873827298?hash=item41a0fd45e2:g:-2YAAOSwDk5UGn1Q