Tuesday, July 16, 2013

*Opening* NEW Horse!

Made a quick stop at Wal-Mart. I wasn't looking for this, but at $27  - I couldn't pass it up!

 It is from the MY LIFE collection. 

So cute it comes with a horse trail map and a certificate of authenticity.

 Meet Zachariah! 

 The coat is soft and velvety, all four hooves click into three different positions front to back and the lower legs can bend at the knee front to back. Great for posing. Accessories included: 2 leg warmers wraps, 2 bell boots, felt saddle mat, English saddle and bridle.

What I especially love is that the packaging also becomes storage in the form of a stable. This is my first 20" horse. I'm pleased it has a soft coat and not just exposed plastic. I do think both the $35 Appaloosa and American Paint horse by Our Generation are beautiful. (And Affordable). I won't buy a $75-$95 AG horse. My AG money goes towards dolls/clothing, not a horse, making these more affordable toy aisle brands a better choice for me.



  1. I have 2 of the blond with white mane and tail. One is mine from Christmas 2011 before I got my first AG doll. Then my friend has a My Life doll and her parents got her the horse she let me have it.

  2. It is nice to see out of the box. Do you think that it will hold up well? Madelon

  3. I think this horse would hold up fine under normal play. Of course you wouldn't want to have it near water or mud. For me it is sure to hold up because he is basically a photo prop. And I agree with my husband the brown horse shows his coat better on camera than the black horse. Both are nice in person but Zach's coat looks better in photos.

  4. Perfect for Penny! Thank you for telling me about it!