Friday, July 5, 2013

DIY - Molly's Theater Seats (Video)

Consider this part two of Molly's Stage and Scene Theater project. Since we already saw HTM her Stage, let's make a few theater seats for the dolls to sit and watch the show!
  • Sponges - 6 per chair
  • Kleenex box (empty) per chair
  • Burgundy fabric
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Black foam core/ board
  • Black poster board
  1. Hot glue and stack two sponges together, repeat with a second set. Cover in fabric - to make chair seat.
  2. Cover another sponge in fabric - for arm rest. Repeat for the other arm rest.
  3. Hot glue the covered sponges (seat) dead center onto the bottom of the Kleenex box.
  4. Hot glue the arm rest on either side of the seat.
  5. trim the outer base of the Kleenex box in black poster board.
  6. With 18" doll seated on cushion, determine the height of the chair back then cut an arch to make the chair's back rest.
  7. Cover in burgundy fabric.
  8. Hot glue the back rest to the back of the chair bottom.
  9. Trim out the top and front of each arm rest in a strip of black poster board for a finished (enclosed) look.


  1. Is there a separate video for the seats? This link just has the theatre and stage again.

  2. She has a beautiful life. Dolls are so pretty and Molly is living a luxurious life with all her beautiful stuffs. My daughter would really love to have her own Molly as well. Thank you for sharing this