Tuesday, July 23, 2013

*DOLL PARTY SERIES* Create A Colonial Birthday

  Here are few fun ideas for throwing a Colonial themed party. If you have any of Felicity's furniture items, tea sets, etc. this is the time to bring them all out.

If you don't - no worries - any table will do!
 Let's start with setting a pretty tea table in colonial blue for our Colonial Tea. You can use a blue napkin - this will be perfect size for a tablecloth on the doll table.

Be sure to set out pretty napkins and flowers. You can tuck an American flag in with your flower vases too!!

Serve Colonial Tea Treats on silver platters

Felicity's had a cookie tower and fruit ring along with cookies.  

Of course all of your other dolls are invited and should dress up in straw hats. 

Plenty of crafts to do:


Your guests can also enjoy making their own tri-cornered hats like the one Felicity wears. 

Prior to the invention of photography in the early 1800s, capturing someone’s image was done either through painting or sculpture and was an extravagance that few, aside from the wealthy, had the time or money for. A different option, silhouette portraits, gained popularity as more skilled artists came over from England.
Set up your doll on a stool and tape a piece of paper to the wall behind her. Then working with a light, trace the shadow then paint the image with black acrylic paint.
With all of these tips - you are sure to have an amazing Colonial themed party!


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