Thursday, July 11, 2013

AG Online Chat with Sidney Fullmer (Saige Paints the Sky)

American Girl Facebook
 Wow! There certainly were a lot of questions on American Girl's facebook live chat July 10, 2013. 

13 year old actress Sidney Fuller answered as many as she could.

"This was my first movie! (The audition process) --I auditioned first for Tessa because of my blonde hair. Then I auditioned for Saige, then it took a week or two to find out I got the part! I'm a natural blonde and had to dye my hair and wear extensions for the movie. I never thought about acting at first. But at the AG store in Dallas, someone approached me and told me I should try acting. That was when I was nine. I did and fell in love with it! My lucky charm is a bracelet with a wishbone charm on it. I wore it to my audition and got the part!"

  "Every night, I went over my scenes and memorized my lines. My mom helped me so much. Acting isn't as easy as I thought it would be. I thought it would be fun to do what I love, but it's also a lot of work to do the scenes over and over. But I still loved it. The scariest part of the movie was riding the horse again after he bucked me off. Overcoming the fear was the hardest part. How much did I ride versus my riding double? I rode a lot at first. But we had an incident where I got bucked off my horse. I was really scared to get back on. I finally did, and did most scenes but my stunt double helped too. Picasso's real name was Sharky. Another was white and named Soldier."
 "I tried to read the script every night. The girls and I would also read together and practice our parts. I focused a lot to prepare! I made so many good friends on set! We've stayed really close. My favorite part was being able to bond with the other actors and make lasting friendships. It was great to make my first movie with so many great people. It was a lot of pressure at first, but the casting crew became my second family and helped me get through it. It was a really comforting setting. Jane (Seymour) is always thinking about others. She was a blessing to work with! Acting lessons helped so much! Great to have training before starting in the industry." 
Dallas News Pop Culture
"I love art! Especially painting. The on-set artist painted the pictures, but I painted over them, adding a second coat. I had some art lessons from the on-set artist. I got to paint hot air balloons with the palette knife, which was really cool.

"I got to keep some of the clothes from the movie, which I was really excited about! I didn't wear too much makeup in the movie. They kept it really simple. I loved the jewelry--it was beautiful! I got to walk around Santa Fe and see their local jewelry too."

"I loved that bedroom in the movie--so cool, artsy and colorful! My favorite scene from the movie is the montage with Tessa. We got to paint and eat good cookies! We did really ride in a hot air balloon. But we only went up about 15 feet--it was tethered to the ground. How long did it take to film? About 6 weeks! We filmed outside for outdoor scenes. We also filmed at a house and ranch in New Mexico."
"I do have Saige and her dog and horse. My favorite AG doll is Emily. I also love Saige of course!"

 The movie became available on DVD and Blu-Ray July 2 and will air on NBC July 13 at 7 p.m


  1. COOL!! i saw her movie. it was really GOOD!!

  2. That was really helpful to read!

  3. Cool! Yeah it was helpful


  4. omg i know sydney. we both went to school at old union but she probably doesnt remember me. she was in ms. gibsons third grade class, sydney is soooo nice and so thoughtful to others. i saw her in housten shopping in the same store i was in soooo cool!

  5. Sydney the movie was really good. I had one question how did it feel when you got mad at Dylan(Mica). I really enjoyed watching the movie

  6. The movie was great..........

  7. Omg the movie was so great! I think its great that you persevered and got back on the horse even after he bucked you off. trust me it happened to me to and it hurts a lot especially in the winter in new england. Overall it was an awesome movie.