Sunday, June 23, 2013

Molly *UPDATE*

I have received several questions regarding Molly and Emily's Archival. Let me be clear: 

I have reported every thing that I know - up to date, while citing my sources. 

 I am reporting what I hear, and unfortunately it only adds fuel to the hysteria. I am on pins and needle like the rest of you. I adore Molly. In a perfect world AG would never archive dolls, in my opinion. I have spoken to several people and received confirmation of the Archiving. No one is talking about "dates" however.  Most reports are vague, all coming from AG employees, especially Personal Shoppers dropping the news in secret. Whispers to customers.

 Here is the conversation I had when I called AG: 
"Hi, I'm sure you're getting a lot of calls regarding Molly being archived. I was wondering if you could explain and if it is true. I have heard this from a few friends and one in particular saw a catalog with the announcement." 

The CSR replied: "Oh you mean the one that's says Goodbye Molly...yes she is set to be archived, but you will have to watch the website for more information. I don't know when they're announcing it. Our website will be the first place to do that."

We will be watching no doubt! NEW RELEASES go live on the AG website JUNE 27. Molly will more than likely be announced online that day followed by catalogs!

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  1. You say "In a perfect world, AG would never archive dolls." How very true that is.