Thursday, June 20, 2013

Julie Albright - Fashion ICON

Already Julie has been modeling for her 1974 Fashion LOOK BOOK.

I have been making a few items, found a few vintage items then mix and matched what AG items I already had.

Look at what you already have - you could probably borrow clothes from your other dolls then accessorize according to the time era!!

I am looking forward to getting Julies calico dress and Ivy's romper. 


  1. Very nice. I recently made a short set and sleeping bag for Julie for a birthday present for my granddaughters friend. I used 70's fabric with peace signs. I love your photos too. Like your backdrop board too :-)

  2. She's a great model! I am going to get Julie this year. I have MYAG #53 and just adore that face. The dark brown eyes with the blonde hair are beautiful. Just got a Rebecca, she is already asking where her bed and settee are. *sigh*