Thursday, June 27, 2013

AGPLA - Goodbye Molly & Emily + Saige Summer Outfit

Some of you know that my mom, who lives 10 minutes from AGPLA, is very supportive and often buys me AG items for my dolls and in fact bought both Caroline and Saige for me! It was her mother who had a love for dolls and an entire room dedicated to her collection. I remember that I couldn't even open the bedroom door it was crammed full with dolls, this was in the mid 1970s.

My mom is awesome and she really is my eyes, ears and legs every time she sets foot inside AGP. She went down today at my request and snapped some photos on her cell for you (and me!) 

 My mom is so awesome, she bought Molly's polka dot dress for me while she was there. 

 She also grabbed Saige's Summer outfit for me.

 How pretty is that! Week one of
Saige's new online story

Thanks mom for these photos, I know it was crazy inside and you always brave the crowds for me! Thank you for the new items!

In my email today!

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