Thursday, May 23, 2013

AG Magazine Back Issues

One of the most detailed contemporary Paper Doll Series available was the bi-monthly American Girl Magazine Paper Dolls. Each Issue featured a real live girl who has researched her family tree and sent in photos of herself and various female ancestors. The clothes are in vibrant colors and excellent historical and ethnic costumes. The sense of accomplishment for any of these girls is evident, and the artists that take the photos and recreate these real life American Girls as paper dolls are to be commended for their beautiful work.
Doll #1 Nov-Dec 1992
Courtney Price
Traces back to 1792
Doll #2 Jan-Feb 1993
Shira Kalman-Hicks
Traces back to 1871
Doll #3 Mar-Apr 1993
Alexandra Forsythe
Traces back to 1864
The best part is a lot of these dolls are still obtainable through the back-issues found on ebay

If you're interested in other back issues you can call AG Magazine customer service to obtain back issues of AG Magazine for only $5.95 each. Currently they are offering 2009 - present.
Courtesy: minxworks

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