Saturday, April 20, 2013

*On Location* Samantha Victorian House Tour

Here is a look at what life was like in Samantha's day. We are touring a 1909 Victorian home!

 My PM Samantha spent the afternoon with her friends Laurel (JLY #13) and Samantha. 

 Samantha and Samantha!!

Here is one of the down stairs bedrooms....the house is locked and only opens to the public in December during the Holidays. We were not able to get photos of the upper rooms.

 Samantha, mini Samantha and Samantha!! How cute!

 Laurel brought her Pleasant Company pram and glass eyed mini Samantha doll for the girls to enjoy. Both are in MINT condition!

 Laurel sewed this beautiful prairie dress when she was in 8th grade! Her JLY#13 (Laurel) is modeling it. I love the colors! She did an amazing job!

 The girls are enjoying Orange Creme Meringues! (Yum)

 I think my Samantha had the time of her life with her new found friends!

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