Wednesday, April 24, 2013

AG Hospital Horror - Kirsten's Braids

When I sent Kirsten to AG Hospital (silver eye) end of December, she came home Jan 8th with new eyes! I was thrilled that they styled her hair back into the original braids. I left them in for quite some time but decided I would take her braids down and brush her hair for a different look (Easter). I freaked out when I saw her left braid had been cut!

 I called AG hospital immediately. After several calls I submitted these photos via email. AG offered two options: #1 they would replace her head or #2 their salon would even out the braids. I said NO to both. She is Pleasant Company there is no way I want a new AG head. And I can cut the end of the other braid straight across myself.

After cutting the braid even with the AG cut braid then letting her hair down, you can see NOW all of her hair is drastically uneven! It was straight before. Very disappointing.