Sunday, January 13, 2013

How To Make 18" Doll Table

I needed a doll dining table for my dolls to have parties. Being that I am on a budget and would much rather spend my money on dolls and doll clothing, I decided to make one out of a box.

 I covered the box in wood looking contact paper.

 Using paper towel tubes I cut 1.5" slits at one end, bent them back then hot glued them to the table bottom. After I painted the tubes (legs) brown - I was finished!!

 This table seats 4 dolls and is so lightweight yet sturdy, I will certainly be using it for photos shoots at doll parties.


  1. My daughter has been wanting a doll table for McKenna for a while now. I have looked @ many different ways to make one, so glad I found this! Thank you for sharing your idea!

  2. Rhonda, I forgot to tell you I used and adadpted your idea here for my Halloween table. I used t-paper rolls instead, painted the entire thing silver and cut a square hole in the top - so it could close/open for my skeleton & other 'goodies'. You can kind of see it in one of my Halloween vids. So, thanks for the great idea ^_^