Tuesday, December 25, 2012

*Opening* New Doll Caroline - My AG Christmas

WOW! My mom sent all of this from Los Angeles for Christmas! The box arrived damaged and a few items inside were a little crunched (yikes) but all in all everything is just gorgeous!

 Marie Grace's summer outfit: her hat got damaged from the bad side of the box.

 But I think I can fix it. This item is SOLD OUT so there's no exchanging.

 I was excited! 
I have been wanting Caroline since September!!!

Here is everything out of their boxes...

 Caroline's Holiday dress, shoes, gloves and headband.

 Cecile's Parlor Outfit

 Cecile's Summer Outfit (Discontinued)
I do not have Cecile but plan to buy her in the fall of 2013. 
I really wanted the summer dresses while they were still available.

 Marie Grace's Summer Outfit

Caroline's Accessories

Molly's Accessories

 You can see my opening video HERE.
I hope you got everything on your AG Wishlist for Christmas!
 Thank you to my mom and step dad for these AG gifts! 
I love everything!!

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