Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Dolliday Tea Party

Samantha invited all of the girls for a tea party and gift exchange. Samantha is gathering everyone around to begin handing out the gifts.

First name called is Elizabeth, she and Kit will exchange gifts.

 Kit gave Elizabeth a new powder puff for her vanity.

 Now Elizabeth presented Kit with a new pin for her dress.

"It's so cute Kit! It looks great!" said Samantha. "Thank you Elizabeth, I love it." Said Kit.

"Whose next?" Samantha raised her voice."Felicity, it's your turn."
 Felicity and Addy were teamed up to exchange gifts. And Felicity was handing Addy a box with a new ice cream scoop and set of bowls.

"Thank you so much Felicity." Said Addy.
 And the girls continued their gift exchange while Samantha brought out the food. "Gather around girls, we have plenty of treats!" 

"Wow! Everything looks so yummy!" Said Addy.

"Ooh gingerbread cookies my favorite!" Nellie smiled. 
"Oh great! I brought those, I hope you like them." Kit replied.

Molly and Kit are the first to sit with their treats, while both Elizabeth and Felicity look over the goodie table.

"I love chocolate cake, don't you?" asked Molly. 
"My favorite!" Kit answered excitedly.

"Everything looks so good Felicity what are you going to try?" 

"Candy for starters!" Felicity giggled. "I love peppermint." Elizabeth said holding a candy cane.

 "I like to dip my peppermint stick into the hot chocolate!" Kirsten explained to Addy.

Nellie turned to Samantha and said, "thank you for my new teddy bear Samantha, he is so cute and cuddly." "Oh your welcome Nellie. And thank you for my new hair bow."

Wishing you a wonderful AG Season.


  1. It looks like they all had a very nice time! Happy Dollidays!

  2. That was ADORABLE! It looks like your dollies had lots of fun :)