Sunday, December 31, 2017

*ROOM TOUR* Molly McIntire's Collection

Molly McIntire (1944): Archived in 2013. She lives in Illinois during World War II, while her father is serving in England as a doctor, and her books are largely about adapting to the changes brought on by war. Her family's English ward, Emily Bennett, was released as a Best Friend doll in '06.

Kitchen Table & Chairs
Vanity Table
 Scenes & Settings
Nurse Katherine
 Birthday Set
Original Red Bed

DIY Projects:
Plaid Suitcase and Radio
Theater Seats
I have the following outfits:
Meet Outfit
Meet Accessories
School Outfit
Book Bag
Birthday Pinafore
Patriotic Tap Outfit 
 Polka Dot Outift
Halloween Costume
Raincoat and boots
Striped Pajamas
Anchor Robe
 Ice Skating Outfit
 Victory Garden Dress (Reproduction)
Dude Ranch Outfit (Reproduction)
  Holiday Dress
Camp Gowonagin Outfit

Molly is officially my favorite doll!

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  1. Molly is very cool. I think the only thing we ever got were her undies!