Saturday, December 2, 2017

*REVIEW* AG Stylin Bangs

This one is dear to my heart because it involves hair. It is called Stylin bangs from American Girl. It has a small comb that attaches bangs to the doll hair. Once in you snap it closed. Do not try to enclose the comb around too much doll hair in the front or it will not close. 

Bangs look great and natural on doll. My TM 47 looks brand new. With her curly ponytail hair piece  I do not miss the fact that I did not get Sonali. TM 47 is so flexible with her wig that adding hair pieces makes her such a fun doll to collect or play with. 

I also want to stress that this item is $6.00!!! Originally from $20 to $6 I bought it and feel like I have a brand new doll when I put the clip in and see the hairstyle it creates. The colors are so diverse too. I say this because soon sale items will be an extra 20% off. So I can imagine how much savings these bangs will be for customers.



  1. You doll looks really cute with the hair pieces in. They do look really natural.

  2. So gorgeous! Madelon

  3. I may have to buy another one just to curl and create tendrils. There is some type of bold hold hairspray on the ends or gel keeping hair together. Bangs are nice and soft but I would like the side pieces to be looser and more pliable for different styling techniques. Overall love this accessory.

  4. I too am a fan of the bangs hair piece. I wet the side pieces to loosen them up a bit to comb into the dolls wig.