Thursday, December 21, 2017

*FEATURE* Day at the Rodeo (Part One)

Dinner and games at the Rodeo!



  1. Really cute.

    Linda, Thanks for sharing your creative ideas, reviews, and etc. on LADL.

    Merry Christmas and Happy NewYear!

  2. Linda, What great doll vignettes!! Love the pictures!! Do you remember where you got the coffee pot (percolator) in the 5th picture? It is adorable and perfect for a campfire! Sharon

  3. Linda this is fablous, so glad you went ahead and shared this before the close of the blog. We love it. Speechless on how much we love every detail.

  4. Thank you all for the kind comments! Sharon, I got the little coffee pot at the Salvation Army store a few years ago. They had a bunch of them in boxes. I think they are made of wood and may have been Christmas ornaments. Merry Christmas to all of the LADL readers!

  5. Love all your photos will miss you all. Susan R

  6. Looks like a great shindig! Lots of fun, friends and tasty food!