Friday, November 10, 2017

*REVIEW* OG Healthy Paws Outfit

I bought the Pet Clinic last month, but it did not come with
the little otoscope.  I was going to make one, but time right now is scarce. This set was on sale so I went ahead an bought it.  I had been hoping that The otoscope would come with other doctor equipment in the $6.99 sets, but could not find one or did not know if they even make those in a set.  

The Healthy Paws set comes with one uniform top and uniform pants, one pair of rubber/plastic shoes, one otoscope with functioning light, one stethoscope,one checklist and pen.  This is a cute set, but if I find another one, I will return this one. 

 As with several items that I have bought from OG, there seems to be an issue with quality control.  I had   originally tried to put this outfit on PC Kirsten, but the left sleeve would not slide up over her upper left arm.  

Knowing that AG, PC dolls are slightly plumper than newer dolls, I put the outfit on Nanea.  I got the top on, but the left sleeve is still very tight. The stethoscope is curved from packaging, as was the one from the clinic, but I do believe that it will straighten out with time.
- Linda


  1. the problem has always been the sleeve and cuff are to small for AG dolls as OG dolls have slimmer arms and hands I find that no sleeves or short sleeves work for AG but jackets and cuffs the hands wont go jn

  2. That is a really cute set. It's a shame there is an issue with the sleeves.

  3. I have one OG doll, Sydney Lee. I just tried this outfit on her and could not pull up the sleeve over her upper left arm.😢

  4. Just returned this outfit for another just like it and it's tight on both arms of my OG doll.