Wednesday, November 15, 2017

*REVIEW* OG Doll Naya

Nays could have a large clothing collection - I found her at TJ Maxx for $27.99.

Naya finds a new home for herself after her move from South Africa and new homes for the animals.

Illustrations from the book include outfits OG has in its collection, too.

Naya is a great OG doll with extra outfit and book,Finding a Home.


  1. I want everything in her Box for Lea. TJMaxx wow. Thanks for sharing another great find.

  2. You are very welcome. The clothes and accessories would be great for Lea. There are four other outfits from the book that would look cute on her, too. Madelon

  3. Thanks for the review! Wow Pics also have the new Vet set, pet wash set and school room set too, very nice OG ! 👍

    1. I hadn't rscognized all of that. Thanks for sharing! Madelon

  4. I wonder why Naya never went on sale at full price, nor appeared on OG's website. She might explain the Vet clinic set though. Usually when OG release a big item like the diner or the ice cream truck it links with the story of one of the dolls that comes with a book. But none of the recent dolls have a vet story, IIRC, so maybe Naya is the doll but for some reason she never made it on OG's website or on regular sale.

  5. Hmm, it actually appears that I'm wrong, Naya is available from Mastermind Toys and possibly from Target (it's hard to tell from the UK) but she isn't available in the UK.