Saturday, November 18, 2017

*REVIEW* Gabriela's Celebration Dress

$36 Gabriela celebrates the arts in this fancy outfit, featuring:
  • A velvet dress with a crisscross neckline, silver sash, and burnout pattern on the skirt
  • A sparkly star headband that shows off her curls
  • Sparkly silver shoes with ankle straps
Gabriela’s Celebration Outfit is really nice. We LOVE it! The over skirt is a velvet-ish print and there is a little tulle around the bottom of the underskirt to give it puffiness. It is gorgeous.


  1. I agree, I love this dress for Gabriella! The headband is plastic with sharp edged stars. The stars are not plastic but a poster board material with a cloth like fabric underneath. I like to pretend Gabby made it. Have not read her books yet but I have her 1st one and am slowly reviewing it and the story line with family. Not so easy now with a newborn, but we all make time for everything dear. Literacy is big so we need to do more with Gabby and Tenney books. However we all agree that this Gabby dress is a fast favorite of ours. So glad it's apart if her collection. Those who bought for $15 got a great deal because it is great quality and gorgeous! Thanks for the review.

  2. I love this dress, we feel so blessed to have 2 from the sale of 15.00 each. This will be a holiday collection dress for us. So glad that you were able to share this review for the fans, I recommend it too.

  3. This is dress is beautiful! We also bought it on sale for $15.00. We haven't tried it on Gabriela yet. We'll probably do so around Christmas. Thanks for the review.