Saturday, November 11, 2017

*In Store Report* Shopping Event - AGP Washington

I heard about this event about a month ago, and immediately signed up.  

 American Girl promised refreshments, special take-aways, and a fun evening of shopping, and the store delivered on all counts!

The amazing Christmas trees were up and many dolls were dressed for the holidays.  

As you entered the store, a long table with the iconic American Girl shopping bags immediately caught your eye.  These were the souvenirs, and they included the current magazine and a package of handouts, one of the Lea books, and a cute cozy hooded shawl for a doll!  Having picked up the goodies, the next stop was the refreshments table--YUM!!  They offered champagne, coffee, fruit punch for the kids, and delicious brownies, cookies, mini-cupcakes, and even a couple of savory treats.  I fear I succumbed, and it was a lovely treat indeed after a long day at work.  After we enjoyed the food, it was time to shop.  This event coincided with the special price reductions in celebration of the opening of the new New York store. 

 It was a great time to shop, and I brought home Ashlyn, a Wellie Wisher, a cozy outfit and some Christmas treats for her and her friend Willa (who already lives at my house!) 

There are many beautiful items for our dolls as well as lovely 'girl and doll' clothing sets.  If you get a chance to attend one of these evening shopping events, I highly recommend it!  And with the holiday season coming, it is a great time to visit the American Girl store.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!


  1. Thank you Marcia for this great report!

  2. I got the event notice a couple of days before it was scheduled. You had a choice between Sunday morning or Thursday evening. Since I have trouble seeing in the dark, I chose Sunday. This was the first event that I have been invited to. So I was excited.The food was good and the gift was great, but there was no 20% off. How I wished they had offered the discount. I really wanted to hand pick out a doll, and save money on shipping. So I left without one. The drive is a total of 4 hours for me. So I was disappointed.

  3. Love your report. Looks so magical. Loved seeing all 5 Wellie Wishers in that Christmas Outfit. Fablous