Monday, November 20, 2017

*In Store Report* Private Shopping Event - AGP NYC

 I went to the AG rewards private shopping event for Berry members on Thursday November 16th. It wasn't what I expected. I went last year and I was much happier! Apparently this year they didn't have many reservations (this could be due to the fact that parent teacher conferences were on the same night), so they opened it up to everyone in the store. Last year, the store was closed just for us Berry members. While it was nice of them to do that, it really took away from the experience of being able to shop privately. 

The store was crowded and I had to make sure I didn't bump into people with my bags. It was just like any other day. Even the treats that they put out disappeared pretty fast. The only plus was the wonderful goody bags. I'm not sure whether or not I'll be attending next year.

Gabriela modeling the hooded vest that was included,
and a pink dress that we received as a free gift for being a Berry member. There were several outfits to choose from, but that was my daughter's favorite.


  1. I went our rewards shopping event in DC. There were very few people. It was a Sunday morning.The bag that was given out did not have very much in it. There was no 20% off. That came two days later along with your reward points. So I was disappointed. I really wanted to select a doll, but I did not have my rewards yet. So I did not get one. I spent 4 hours driving.

  2. This awesome. We experience the same. They were too afraid to make it 100 percent Berry. In fact I was there from start to end and no one there impressed me as being Berry. Lol.

  3. It's sad that we didn't have great experiences this year. Sorry ladies.