Sunday, October 1, 2017

STORAGE IDEA - AG Doll Display Case/Cabinet

 A while back I was asking about doll storage, permanent or display. I was going through Pinterest and found this website, Rylex Custom Cabinetry and Closets. 

They have a cabinet with a glass or plastic door that hangs on the wall. I thought this was a cute idea, that I hadn’t seen, and thought I’d pass along. 

Wall mounted display cases allow you to customize and configure your American Girl® doll collection to accommodate any number of dolls. Our exclusive display case can be customized to fit any collectible doll from Ashton-Drake Galleries®, Bradford Exchange® or the Madam Alexander Collection®. Minimal external hardware is necessary with the magnetic push-to-open door catch. 

Item not available for shipping. We will deliver and install in our local service area only. Price for American Girl Doll cabinetry (15 cases) (does NOT include dolls): $3750.


  1. That is adorable. Madelon

  2. This is so very cool, but WAY out of my price range!

  3. I would love one of these, but not in the budget.
    I think I'd want half doors on those little closets; keep her inside, but still be able to "breathe" or "talk" to her neighbors. now that I think of it, kind of reminds me of the Laugh-In wall.