Monday, October 23, 2017

*REVIEW* Winter Sightseeing Outfit

 Retail $28.00

At first when I saw this in catalog and online I did not think much of it...did not stand out in any way with all the new holiday items for Fall 2017.
However after looking at it on a Tenney lookalike doll I thought it would be great on a modern girl doll like Tenney or even a Truly Me 58. 

Then I thought of the  Grace Thomas doll and her retired outfit that I missed out on buying. So I bought this with Grace in mind.

It comes with a cape, skirt, shoes and a shirt with nice printed picture on the front. 

The skirt is very sturdy and does not have velcro you slide it on. It is layered in front and flat and plain in back. The hem is nice and so is stitch around the waist.  Shirt has a lovely print that makes you feel like you are at a hotel oversees. Very chic in feel of overall outfit due to print and golden thread of the skirt with specks of black. The cape is great too. Love the colors and gold working velcro.

Shoes are gold with black soles and a gold bow in the back.

Nice outfit in general. Love how it looks on my Grace who I call Punky after Punky Brewster. She has a colorful bow that I added to this outfit since the outfit does not include a hair accessory. Sometimes a person can only take so many headbands. So I was not disappointed that AG did not include one this time. 

If you have a modern doll or Grace this is a great outfit to purchase.  Looks great with Grace heart earrings and dark pink and red hair accessories. Cape and skirt are not flimsy so the price was worth it for me. Shirt has lots of styling possibilities too with jeans and jackets.



  1. You sold this for me. Thank you for the detailed report.

    1. Thanks Maxine and you're welcome. Once you see it in person and feel the fabric it makes a difference. Sometimes the catalog doesn't do justice.

  2. Thanks for the great review. Punky looks so cute. My favorite part is the top. Madelon

    1. Thank you Madelyn plus you're welcome. The top is my favorite too. Will try it with some jeans and jacket next time. Punky thanks you.

    2. Thank you Madelon not Madelyn.