Tuesday, October 3, 2017

*REVIEW* WelleWisher Camille's PJ Set

I was hoping that Kohl’s would got more items in stock for the AG collection, so I held on to my Kohl’s cash. I went yesterday and was nicely rewarded. They have moved the AG and WW items out of the toy department and into the Girl’s clothing, next to the main aisle. They now have the same Tenney/Logan display that Madelon posted, more Tenney dolls and a few Logan. All of their outfits and most of their accessories. They do have more clothing in stock for the WWs. 

Here is Camille’s pj set. Nice knit fabric, easy to put on. The slippers may be a challenge for younger kids. I put the World’s Smallest Barbie in her hand, so you could get an idea of what they look like in scale with the WWs. 


  1. That is an adorable outfit! Thanks for sharing it. Madelon

  2. This is soo cute. Wish they made the Girls size to match.