Thursday, October 19, 2017

*REVIEW* Nanea's Island Swimsuit

I just bought my Nanea doll and I absolutely love her and her
collection.  I have her School Outfit, her Holoku Dress and her Swimsuit.

This review is on Nanea's Island Swimsuit.  It is just so cute.  It is
described as a colorful tropical print halter style swimsuit, in the style of the 1940's, featuring wide legged shorts.  Halter and shorts are all one piece.  It comes with a bright yellow  wave print towel, reverse side is lighter yellow.

This set also comes with a tatami mat to protect her from the hot sand, and faux wood goggles that at Nanea's time would have been hand-carved.  I have read some reviews that customers were disappointed that the print of the swimsuit does not match up as in the American Girl Catalog. I hadn't even noticed until it was pointed out to me from these reviews. 

 I think this swimsuit is cute whether the pattern matches up or not.  Mine does not matchup in the front, but does pretty much in the back.  My other doll is wearing Molly's 1940's swimsuit.


  1. Thanks for sharing. She looks really cute.

    They didn't match the print at the seams. It takes time and most likely a bit more fabric. My mom worked in dress factory back in the 80's. She told me that they stacked several layers of the fabric on top of itself, laid the pattern down and cut. I didn't like Lea's meet outfit because they didn't match the print at the seams. However, on Nanea's outfit, it isn't so bad. I feel that if I complain too much, AG will start screen printing the patterns.

    1. I agree with You. I am in the Custom Drapery Business and the pattern match is essential to my satisfaction. But as with Lea"s Dress, eventually, I let myself just love it anyway. Great point

  2. I love Nanea and so glad you got her Linda.

  3. Your Nanea looks great! Thanks for giving this review. Madelon

  4. I think it looks way off with the patterns not lining up. The stock pictures show the outfit with the pattern matching. I think it's an item to check out in person. Costs too much to have mismatch in front. I'd let it go in the back but not in the front. It looks off.