Tuesday, October 17, 2017

*REVIEW* BF Kit Kittredge 16-Piece Set - Costco

I have wanted Kit Kittredge for quite some time.  Costco had a good price on Kit and Accessories, so naturally, I bought her.  I would have liked to have had the earlier Kit, but this is the Beforever Kit.

Previously, the only Kit items I had were her desk, chair and her candy making kit.  The Costco Set contained Kit in her Meet Dress and underwear, strappy scarlet shoes and a red barrette, Reporter Dress and Vest, White Mary Jane shoes, green Barrette, and a beautiful red cardigan that really buttons up. 


This set also contains Kit's Reporter Set consisting of an accordion-style camera that really opens and closes, a camera case, an empty box of Kodak film, a flip top journal for taking notes, a faux fountain pen with Kit's name on it (the lid comes off the pen).

It also contains a fabric pouch to carry her notebook with a little pocket to hold her pen, a bundle of mini replica 1930s Cincinnati Newspapers.  It does not contain the picture stickers that her original set had.  This set contains her white felt cloche hat with red ribbon trim and bow.  It does not contain her cuff bracelet, nor her purse. 

 Included in this set is Kit's paperback book, "Read All About IT".    This set sells for $129.99 at Costco.  My Costco did not have it, so I asked them to find out which Costco had it and went there.  I am very satisfied with this set, although I thought Kit's hair would be very easy to fix since it was short.  But I find myself thinking that if it was just a wee bit shorter it would lay better.  Let me tell you, this was the EASIEST unpackaging ever.  You just take the two boxes out of the big box, take the elastic off the doll's neck and the rubber bands off of her ankles and she's free.  For the other accessories, you just lift off the plastic cover and nothing is secured except the white Mary Janes,  snip one thread and they are free!



  1. I really love this set! The sweater is just adorably cute and suits Kit so well. I would love for AG to make more accessories for their Be forever dolls. It really sells the doll and her collection. Great find.

    1. I love this sets value. This is awesome collection of things.

  2. You found a beautiful doll with great accessories and great prices. I wish AG would offer more sales and discounts in their stores and on line. Madelon

  3. What a good deal! I have the same issue with my PC Kit's hair - it almost seems to get stuck on her shoulders and splay out everywhere so I have to tuck under but then it can look a bit poofy and unnatural

  4. Does the Costco Kit doll have neck strings or a zip tie? Thanks!