Monday, September 25, 2017

*REVIEW* Disney Ballroom Belle Princess Toddler Doll

Toys R Us (TRU) had a 30% off sale on Disney princesses. I couldn't resist the TRU exclusive toddler doll from the movie Beauty and the Beast. She is also available in her pink dress and in a collector set with Phillipe, where she is dressed in her blue dress.

She is so cute! 

She is entirely made of durable vinyl, she has rooted hair and acrylic eyes. The feathered brows and painted lashes give her a doe eyed look. I love the soft peach color of her face paint.

Her dress is gold poly satin with an organza overlay that has metallic gold embossed designs. She wears a gold necklace and  gold jellies.

I recommend the toddler dolls. They are durable and innocently cute.

This is Mike, the Wells Fargo horse.

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  1. Very nice. Hope Faith is loving Disney Discendent now.