Friday, September 1, 2017

*NEWS* LADL 5 Million Views - Global Readership

LADL has hit another milestone, 5 Million views from all over the globe. This is humbling to think LADL has reached doll lovers worldwide on a daily basis.

Thank you to LADL International Readers:
Canada, UK, Russia, Brazil, Philippines, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Japan, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Argentina, Ukraine, Colombia, Finland, Portugal, Hungary, Venezuela, Italy, Poland, New Zealand, Moldova, Czech Republic, Mexico, Turkey, South Korea, Israel, Norway, South Africa, Greece, Belgium and China! 
Thank you to the LADL team Madelon, Ticia, Diana, and Linda!
And thank you to Shelly, Nonna, Fawn, Maria B, Maxine, Shosy, Claudia, Michelle L, and Rina.