Saturday, September 23, 2017

LADL Answers Your Questions

How long have you been collecting AG dolls? 
 I bought my first AG doll 9/2012 and have been collecting mostly historical character dolls ever since.

Can you recommend any AG-related blogs or sites that could fill the void that LADL is going to leave? 
Yes! LADL has a list of fave blogs on the right side bar!!

Are you going to keep any of your AG dolls after your big doll purge, and if so, which ones and why?
I doubt it will be possible for me to let go of ALL my dolls. Molly will be very difficult to lose. Right now I am just trying to purge as I am able to let go and find new homes for my collection. 

-Will you still be posting about your dolls on instagram?
It is very likely LADL will be posting on AGIG  
-Beforever/Historical or GOTYs?
Historical - Pleasant Company

-What is your favorite TM doll?
TM #67 - she's gorgeous!!

 Why do great things have to come to an end? 
Life is a series of changes where we are either progressing or left behind stagnate. LADL introduced some "new" features to the doll community with the *In Store Report*, *On Location*, and ventured into the world of the *Traveling Doll*. In order to fall into the natural progression of the things and not become stagnate, LADL is encouraging NEW and EXCITING possibilities for other doll enthusiast to represent the ever changing doll world.

What are you doing after your blog makes its final post? 
Pursuing Jesus wholeheartedly and going into ministry.

Will someone else take over this blog? 
Tolkien Lover
No. LADL was allowed 5 wonderful years to leave a doll sized fingerprint on the world, of which I am very grateful.

Will you be shutting down LADL completely or leaving the site with the old blog posts up for a while? 
Paradise Pink Doll Diaries
LADL will remain online for review references and DIY tutorial purposes for future doll lovers.

Will you collect any other types of dolls in the future...paper dolls, Barbie, etc.? 
I do currently collect Barbie and paper dolls. However I will not be purchasing any dolls in the future to begin another collection.

What attracted you to American Girl dolls when you first saw that you wanted to invest in your first one? 
Kirsten caught my eye inside the catalog with her loop braids. There was a Swedish girl in my elementary class named Kristen who had the same loop braids.

What made you want to buy more once you decided to buy another and another?
The quality of Pleasant Company dolls and the charm of the other doll's collections caused me to want more of these dolls.

If you could buy Mattel (company) tomorrow, what changes would you make or bring back to the American Girl line aka brand?
I would only purchase the American Girl Brand, not the entire company. I would begin to downsize the unnecessary particulars, hire a team of doll lovers, bring back QUALITY - wood, metal, cotton, working buttons, etc. Stay true to the books and continue with illustrations. Return to a mail order (online) business while keeping both Chicago and NY stores open while continuing with pop-up locations during holiday seasons only. (To start) 

Do you have any suggestions on books for doll collectors to read or purchase? 
 I would recommend reading books on educating oneself about doll collecting, beginning with European doll makers. Learn about dolls from other countries and how they were crafted from local materials. This helps train the eye for quality and originality and deters a collector from fluff and unnecessary trappings. 

 Would you consider one day writing a book about your experience with doll collecting once you leave blogging and LADL?
 Yes. I have already begun writing a book about this.

Finally, what do you think of the changes made to modern dolls & doll companies and do you think dolls will one day become obsolete?
Disposable dolls and their wares will inevitably end up in the trash heap soon after they break. A doll - albeit a toy - must hold the interest of the owner. Silly, pointless toys are soon forgotten while those with purpose or meaning can capture a heart forever. I believe manufacturers are selling inferior products to consumers who demand them. Once we demand quality, the supply will come back. 

 Will you continue buying new items for your older PC dolls or will you no longer buy from AG? 
I can't say NEVER, but what attracts me are the original PC pieces. There are many items I would love to own : Felicity's carriage, Samantha's doll pram, Molly's Camp Gowonagin tent to name a few.

Have you ever fell in love with a doll unexpectedly, or do you have an especially good memory of when you received a particular doll? Rebecca Kinney
No, hahaha because its no surprise that I love all kinds of dolls. I did find it interesting when I was little to get Sweet Vintage 1975 Baby Brother Tender Love, It's A Boy. I thought this was the coolest because he pee-ed. (hahahaha)

During your downsizing, which doll was the hardest to purge? Which item was hardest to eliminate?
Ugh, when it gets down to Nellie or becomes difficult. Clothing items and furniture are the easiest to let go of, but the doll is the toughest because of the memories.

Since you will end the blog this year, will you still post the GOTY? 
No, but the GOTY18 is an hispanic doll who is interested in space and her collection sounds terrific. You will enjoy her. I am not at liberty to share the details, sorry.

My biggest question is, are you closing the blog because you do not like the direction AG is going in? or something else? 
I had struggled with ending LADL for over the past two years, but felt I owed it to the doll community to inform them in advance of any such decision. Exiting as a doll blogger does not mean I am exiting the community. I will always love dolls. However, the direction and unpredictability I've seen from AG is personally unappealing. I've seen less expensive brands pull off some awesome releases and provide great items in keeping with AG; and I believe dolls should be affordable and available in all price points. That being said, AG is not Pleasant Company and has lost some esteem in my "collective" eyes. We all ooo and ahhh over some of the releases, but for me it's not the same as when I open PC items from an eBay auction win. That's when I feel I have found a treasure! (AG not so much).
And on a personal note, my life has changed. I'm no longer married and my daughter is a grown woman with her own life. There are things I feel led by God to do, so it is a two-fold exit really.

-Will you still be collecting any non AG dolls and if so, which ones?!?
I will not say never, but as I downsize and allow this door to close, I am realizing many other doors are opening for me. That's exciting! 

Thank you for your questions!

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Yes, I will do an end of the year final goodbye video.

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  1. I want to thank you for this blog. I used it a lot to find new doll items for my nieces. My favorite photo was the one you put up with your grandmother Angeline (that is my mother's name) and how you got your love of dolls from her. Good luck in all your future endeavors!